Ben Mirov


  1. It would be foolish to assume
  2. that anything is composed of tiny dots.
  3. That dots make up the universe.
  4. That the universe is a kind of dot.
  5. It would be disastrous to assume these dots
  6. cohere by way of an invisible force
  7. which extends from nowhere
  8. into everything, everywhere.
  9. When someone dies their soul
  10. looks just like them and floats
  11. above their gurney. If they were 30
  12. years younger, they would tear the dress
  13. off a nurse. It’s been this way
  14. in every war ever fought. Souls
  15. hovering over the battlefield.
  16. Nurses completely dressed.
  17. It’s impossible for a cube of light
  18. to exist. Impossible for you to carry
  19. that cube of light across a vast plane
  20. of darkness through a forest of pines trees
  21. to a house in the woods. It’s impossible
  22. to enter the house and hand the cube
  23. of light to William Butler Yeats.
  24. Time flows up and down and around
  25. the tiny dots. Birds fly out of the trees.
  26. I don’t care for perfectly clear weather.
  27. I keep myself busy all day.