Joshua Harmon

From Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie

  1. Poor little Poughkeepsie,
  2. alone without delusions,
  3. as if two blocks of wood
  4. were knocked together:
  5. already, snow in the hills
  6. and two refrigerator
  7. shelves given over
  8. to sideways bottles of beer:
  9. it’s a dick move, the endearing
  10. way you forget your wallet
  11. for five per cent off night
  12. at the grocery store: why
  13. don’t the kids aiming rocks
  14. at plastic cups floating in the pond
  15. understand the borders
  16. of reconstructed grace:
  17. the dog lifts its paw
  18. and refuses to walk,
  19. a heads-up for those adrift
  20. at a drive-thru, or huffing
  21. hairspray in the kitchen
  22. and nodding off
  23. to car alarms and turbulent
  24. sparrow-song like compressed
  25. files: nightfall’s inevitable
  26. murmurs gone for days now