Evelyn Hampton

Henry Ford Made American Time

  1. This universe has a long sleek wind that I believe in
  2. Do not ask a philosopher to explain this because I am
  3. I am with my friend, Henry Ford. He flickers when I explain him. I know because I am dead and so is Henry
  4. We sit together in the bright light that I invented, but the lamp is not mine. Have you seen a moon outside? There is no outside. The moon is inside and so am I. And Henry is sitting on my bed
  5. I will tell you about Henry from death, which he and I are inside. I did not invent it. Yet the moon has an inside that I can describe
  6. Any friend has many sides, even in such bright light as Henry and I sit. Yet I can only see one side of him at a time
  7. And what is time? Time is a long sleek side. It swells in the darkness of the wide. And so in inventing the bright light I have tried to be everywhere at one time. The moon barely fits within what I have described
  8. It is large, death, a large fat side you sit with night after night. And where doesn’t my light shine? On which night aren’t I?
  9. I draw a circle and point to the center. That is you, I say to Henry
  10. Henry is made of signs connected to a pump many miles away. And it pumps Henry’s answer to me
  11. No, that is the spruce tree, a cross-section of it, I hear Henry say
  12. Yet Henry and I are often in disagreement. He tells me that he believes in reincarnation. He does not believe in the long sleek wind that is even an infant compared with time
  13. I am at the long sleek wind, I tell Henry. I am at the top
  14. Henry Ford is an American, and so am I. The lights shine, and we are asked to dine with incomprehensible companions for a very long time