Carolina Ebeid

From the Bystander's Journal

  1. Friend––
  2. Do you believe that we are forever
  3.                             changed by the things we read,
  4.                                                         do you think the things we read
  5. are changed by what happens
  6.                             to us after? Hell
  7.                                                         was a song in terza rima.
  8. Today makes yesterday
  9.                             crueler, another hell—
  10.                                                         fire missile gone astray
  11. in the densely populated
  12.                             neighborhood. Shame on me,
  13.                                                         worried for my personal
  14. security & for the necessary
  15.                             voyeurism of the news.
  16.                                                         Virgil blesses
  17. those who die before
  18.                             their father’s eyes
  19.                                                         those who die in front
  20. of their wives those who die
  21.                             before their homes
  22.                                                         in their city’s alleys
  23. those who die defending
  24.                             resisting who lie
  25.                                                         nonetheless defeated.
  26. Wives will bring a widow’s grief
  27.                             now as their paraphernalia
  28.                                                         to second marriages. It blunts
  29. the mind. I stand at the water
  30.                             front, the sky the sheen of oil
  31.                                                         washed rifles.
  32. If I could sketch the future
  33.                             of persons, I’d make a fire
  34.                                                         bombed street, then its first greenness.