Carolina Ebeid

Like the First Untethered Flight of the Hot-Air Balloon

  1. Yellow’s the fitting color for sickness
  2. & the odorless median-flowers
  3. haphazardly edging the highway.
  4. Something jaundices the air, you could say.
  5. A man falls out of his office tower.
  6. Death is not always a German expert
  7. or master, or a German auto-
  8. mobile wreck. I never can say what I mean.
  9. Death comes as a drover. Over & down from
  10. bridge-rail to bay, cliff to clay as in
  11. the place in Alberta called Head-Smashed-In
  12. Buffalo Jump, those plummeting cartwheels
  13. of bison, of men in their beautiful shirts.