Donald Dunbar

[remembered a particulate feeling]

  1. from america to a nebula
  2. from asparagus to xenophobe / seems normal
  3. situation nation normal / from miss america
  4. to mister president, from dairy products
  5. and inspired produce / says
  6. normal to get me saying normal /
  7. to milk on lettuce and let's
  8. stand on the moon, from synthesizers
  9. to being allowed to stand on the moon
  10. to apples to minerals to stereo speakers to
  11. tippers, traitors, voters, to blah
  12. blah blah
  13. blah blah /
  14. i'll tell you what normal is you fucking guy.
  15. i went newly through trees, then i went newly
  16. through mountains. i stopped at the edge of the
  17. world and accounting all that wasn't the world.
  18. i won't be a music book, i will not be
  19. the detritus of
  20. musical notation
  21. riding seamlessly
  22. through the folds
  23. of an anthem
  24. / blah / blah / blah