Travis Brown

I Was a Trader of Yore

  1. I was a trader of yore.
  2. A moustache born
  3. in criminal weathers,
  4. a face anchored
  5. in pale-paper grab lands
  6. free of meats, gone of furs,
  7. I trapped whatever
  8. white pelts of time
  9. caught in the whip-drifts.
  10. I was ten times a gray age,
  11. my moustache turned
  12. a whiter shade of ermine
  13. the wind ripped & skinned.
  14. I carried on
  15. in barter-broken tongue.
  16. A wizened purse underarm,
  17. I rode the bare kingdom
  18. in search of a monies’ sum.