Travis Brown

I Think I Might Puke

  1. from a promontory. Friends,
  2.             it is my best guess. And below
  3. there, the little live oaks blow,
  4.             so brief are these covenants
  5. the sea rakes in. And why, brave ship?
  6.             Stay put, get in the bottle
  7. for good. The truth bets on blue,
  8.             blue deluge, and it will soon
  9. break even. Guilty? Of course. I am
  10.             el presidente of the party now
  11. overthrown, so just put me wherever
  12.             the ousted stand. To witness
  13. a primitive thing—be it yellow
  14.             toothed or clawed by dew
  15. & bent on a big grin—you must find
  16.             the one they call Finger Ham.
  17.             Only he knows what to do.